Monday, 27 June 2016

Nasir Asghar Party presented pursa near the body of Great Noha Reciter Nasir Asgha

Nasir Asghar Party and Shabab UL Momineen will never forget the Nasir Asghar and always miss Nasir Asghar during the recitation of each Noha of Shabab ul Momineen. The party will always remember him with the words as the great legend Noha Reciter.

Please click Nasir Asghar dead bodyto see the video.

Sunday, 26 June 2016

Great Shabab Ul Momineen Noha Khawan passed away

It is to inform to all the members and lovers of Shabab ul Momineen that Famous Noha Khawn Nasir Asghar has got heart attack at a procession in Bara Imam Bara Kharadar Karachi. The procession was held on the event of Zarbat-e-Ali A.S (19th Ramzan) day. He felt severe heart attack during the reciting noha and immediately was shifted to hospital but could not be saved from heart attack.
He was a great lover of  Muhammad and his Ahelbait. He spent all his life in preaching the message of Muhammad and his Ahlebait. The lovers of Nasir Asghar will never forget him. The nohas like ‘ Hai Qyamat ka hai Samah’ that he recited would always be remembered.  

The Namaz-e-Janaza will be held on 21st Ramzan at Bara Imam Bargah Kharadar Karachi. It is requested to all momineen to attend this Namaz-e-Janaza and also offer Namaz-e-Wahshat for this legend Noha Reciter.

Thursday, 3 October 2013

Prayer Apeal for for the health of Lalu Shah Badshah (Syed Aftab Hussain Zaidi)

Dear All Matami,

It is inform you that president of Anjuman-e-Shabab-ul-momineen Syed Aftab Hussain is struggling with his health and he is now at ICU. It is humble request to all the lovers of Syed Aftab Hussain and Matami that please pray for his health.


Thursday, 26 January 2012

Shabab-ul-Momineen Nasir Asghar Party 2012 Nohay

Nasir Asghar Party is one of the famous party of Shabab-ul-momineen. Like every year, 2012 nohay of Nasir Asghar Party are very good and took a lot of appreciation from the lover of Shabab-ul-momineen. You can download the all nohas of 2012 on the below link

Shabab-ul-Momineen Nasir Asghar Party 2012 Nohas

Please put your comment and suggestion about the 2012 nohas of Nasir Asghar Party of Shabab-ul-momineen

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Shabab-ul-momineen did Zanjeer Zani at the shrine of Imam Hussain A.S

It was great day for the Shabab-ul-Momineen that they performed a Zanjeer Zani at the haram of Imam Hussain A.S because nobody allowed to do this but this is a great regard from Imam Hussain for the anjuman. Ayatullah Sistani gave them permission to do Zanjeer Zani at the haram of Imam Hussain A.S On the day of Aashura it was officially announced by the management of Imam Hussain A.S to do Zanjeer Zani at the Haram of Imam Hussain A.S.

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Shabab-ul Momineen presented a program about Yum-e-Aashur (72 shaheed-e-karbala)

Anjuman-e-Shabab-ul Momineen presented a program about Yum-e-Aashur (72 shaheed-e-karbala).

The program was held at Bary-e-Imam Bargha on Kharadar at 12am to 3am on 31st May Tuesday.

At this day according to Hindu calender 18 Jead. And this day Karbala incident which was held on 10th Muharram according to Islamic calender.

The Nazim party, Nasir party and Bhola Party also revealed in this program to given pursa form Bibi Fatima Zehra (as) their son Imam Hussain (as).

The parties present many Nohy which one of the "Babul Hawaij Haider Da Laly Paker Wafa Da Mola Abbasy", and all members also joined this grieve day.

After then niyaz was served into all momineen Sweetdish and Biryani.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Anjuman-e-Shabab-ul-Momineem presented a program at Azakhany Zehra

Anjuman-e-Shabab-ul-Momineem presented a program about Bibi Fatima Zehra's shahadat, which shahadat on 3rd Jamad-us-Sani.

Today anjuman revealed matam dari at Azakhany Zehra on 17th May Tuesday, the program started at 11pm to 2am.

The Nazim party, Bhola party and Nasir party all of them are given pursa from Panjetan-e-pak, in the program more than 1000 people to joined with us.

After the program niyaz has served into the momineen Masoor karhi and Rise.

Those program such a graceful for all momineen.