Nasir Asghar Party

Nasir Asghar party is one of the renowned Noha Khuwan Party whose party nohas are not only famous in Pakistan but also all over the world. Nasir Asghar party origin from Kharadar, Karachi under Anjuman-e-Shabab-ul-momineen whose founder is Aftab Hussain Zaidi. The aim of this organization to spead the teachings of Ahlebait A.S and preaching the message of Hazrat Imam Hussain A.S. They started reciting nohas since 1979 and present their services to Imam-e-Zaman A.S and Bibi Zehra S.A. Now a day people come from all over the country and attend the party's program.

Managing Director:

Syed Aftab Hussain (Lalu shah)

Syed Maqbool shah shamsi

Syed Akber Zaidi

Masoom Bhai

Iqbal Hussain (Bali)

Dr.Muhammad Ali

Management of Noha Reciters:

Ghulam Asghar (sahib-e-biaz)

Munawwer Ali Khan (nomi)

Rajab Ali Khan

Amanat Ali (sonu)

Ghulam Abbas (monu)

Ali Nasiri

Party of Live Nouha khuani:

Ghulam Asghar (sahib-e-biaz)

Munawwer Ali Khan (nomi)

Rajab Ali Khan

Ali Nasir

Amanat Ali (sonu)

Ghulam Abbas (monu)

Nadeem Abbas

Ahmed Ali

Noshad Ali

Sharafat Ali

Qaiser Abbas

Aslam (Bittoo)

Farhan Ali

Aaga Billu


Ahsan Ali (Kukku)

Farhat Ali(Vicky)


Safder Ali (Kittu)



Imran Ali

Sohail Abbas

Raza jaffer

Muhammad Ali Rizvi.