Nazim Party

Nazim Party is also another Nauha Khuwan party which is under the umbrella of Anjuman-e-Shabab-ul-Momineen. The founder of this Nazim Party was Late Syed Nazim Hussain Naqvi in the beginning of 1970s. Other main members of that time was Fasahat Hussain, Mohsin Tajri, Fayyaz Hussain, Sohail Abbas and Late Gulzar. After that there was the joining of Malik Brothers including Amir Malik, Shahid Malik, Zahid Malik and Abid Malik and Anees Hussain started Nauha Khuwani with Nazim party and were later followed by Raju Bhai, Sajjad Hussain. Fasahat Hussain is the of Nazim party who is followed by Amir Malik, Abid Malik and Anees Hussain. Fasahat Hussain is the present reciter of Nazim party with Amir Malik, Abid Malik and Anees Hussain. Anjuman-e-Shabab-ul-Momineen is working under the competent leadership of Syed Aftab Hussain Zaidi (Lalu Badshah).

Contact Information:
Amir Malik +92 322 471 2527 -- Email:
Abid Malik +92 343 235 5716
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